The Simpsons Review is the first episode of Toons These Days.



While sitting at his computer desk, Doggy claims he would've liked to say that he was surprised that he heard "The Simpsons" were going to be renewed for 2 more seasons, but it turns out that he isn't.

For the people who hasn't seen "The Simpsons" (which wouldn't be possible, since it has been on the air for 22 years) he says that it's the longest-running American sitcom in history and that the plot is basically about a "goofy dysfunctional family of twinkies" and that they've already used every joke in the world.

In the end, he honestly gives the show credit for being the longest-running show on television and says that if any cartoon series has to end, it might as well be this one.


[The "Dtoons Productions Presents" logo appears.]

[Doggy is shown sitting at his computer desk.]

Doggy: Well, whoopity-honkin' doo! I liked to say I was surprised "The Simpsons" got renewed for two more seasons, BUT I'M NOT!!!!

Seriously do you want to be the sorry schumuck that says, [cuts to a scene that shows a network executive pointing at a cow with dollar signs all over it hooked up to a milking machine with a sign that says, "Cash Cow Milking Station" over it] "Aw, this show's been running for twenty-two years, let's pull the plug!"

[Cuts back to Doggy.]

For those of you who haven't seen "The Simpsons" before; WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?!? It's the longest-running American sitcom in history.

It's about this, uh, goofy dysfunctional family of twinkies named: [as Doggy says the names of the family members, their heads pop up as twinkies] Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, [a twinkie of the family's cat, Snowball II, pops up as the family's dog, Santa's Little Helper, shows up from the right and eats it] and their dog, Santa's Little Helper.

[Cuts back to Doggy.]

Ah, twenty-two years, that's... that's like one-fourth of your life; unless you're some kind of sea turtle.

[Cuts to a picture of Squirt, the baby sea turtle from "Finding Nemo," showing Nemo his autograph book that has Bart's name written in it.]

[Cuts back to Doggy.]

Huh, you think they would've run out of jokes by now. Honestly, I gotta hand it to em' though, that's a pretty long time to go for a cartoon. And in truth, if any cartoon series needs to go on to the end of time, heck, it might as well be "The Simpsons." They've already used more than half the jokes in the world, they might as well use the other half. So, yeah, I gave yourself a little pat on the back and, uh, ya know, [points at the screen] PROCEED TO ENTERTAIN ME FOR TWENTY MORE YEARS!

[The credits appear.]