Conroy Cat Ad from 1962

Conroy Cat Ad from 1962

Dtoons conroy cat poster by andrewk d6s7wr6-fullview

Conroy Cat is a webcomic, about Conroy's adventures throught Cartoon Land. Later when the comic was cancelled it was turned into a Web animation. series is also made by Alex Dudley.

About the comicEdit

The Cartoon Chronicles of Conroy Cat is about the titular character doing odd jobs to get his name out and try to become famous in Cartoon Land. Most of the strips feature characters from other animation works, such as Comic books, Anime, and lots of Western Animation. There have also been "toon training" sessions, in which Doggy D. Dachshund, a toon based on old black and white animation toons and one of the few recurring characters, teaches Conroy how to harness the power of the "funny bone" to create all the gags that you see in cartoons. It often lampshades the common gags of a cartoon. It ended in 2011, but it can be read here

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