My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Review is the second episode of Toons These Days.

Summary Edit

Doggy states that not only is the show terrible, but it also has a curse upon it (a reference to the Brony fandom), stating that every manly cartoon character he knows got obsessed with it. Another thing he points out is that he was worried about Conroy, so he had to lock him up in a box (which he forgot where he placed). The only way he could say about the show is that it's a cross between "Sailor Moon" and "Mr. Ed."


[The "Dtoons Productions Presents" logo appears.]

[Doggy is sitting in his usual armchair.]

Doggy: Aw geez, of all the shows they had to bring back from the dead, it had to be this one. And let me tell you now jack, this show has some sort of horrible curse upon it or somethin'.

Why I've seen it draw [shows off his muscles and then deflates] the mighiest of men into its grasp; Popeye [Popeye is shown with a tatoo of Fluttershy on his arm], G.I. Joe [G.I. Joe is shown sharing an apple with Applejack], Goku [Goku, from "Dragon Ball Z," is shown flying with Rainbow Dash]; [Cuts back to Doggy] all of them are stinkin' obsessed with it! Me, though, [laughs] I DON'T GIVE ENOUGH OF A HOOT TO CARE!

Eh, Conroy, on the other hand, I worried about. So, I went and locked him in a box beforehand. [Cuts to a shaking treasure chest in the quarter's of a pirate's ship that, supposedly, has Conroy locked up in it.] Uh, I'd let him out if I could remember where I put the box... [Cuts back to Doggy.] d'eh I'm getting sidetracked!

The story, pretty much, revolves around these technicolored donkeyes that live in a aquarium. Er... an aqua-... [takes out a piece of paper and looks over how he's supposed to pronounce the name] uka... duh... [throws paper aside] d'ah, aquarium. All it's basically about is, uh, making friends, mystical kingdoms, celestial princesses, magical moon stuff; all that hooey. Yeah, so it's pretty much a cross between "Sailor Moon" and "Mr. Ed." [Cuts to heads of those-said characters, and then back to Doggy.] And, seriously, how could any show that's a combination of those two be considered good?!?

And yep, that about sums it up! [walks away] Now, I gotta go find a certain box while I have that stupid theme song stuck in my head [pulls his head back to camera] FOR THIRTEEN MORE YEARS! [pulls head away from the camera]

[The credits appear as Doggy is heard whistleing the "My Little Pony" theme song.]