Conroy Cat

Conroy Cat is a character in "The Cartoon Chronicals of Conroy Cat" and Toons These Days. Conroy Cat wants to be a cartoon star, but not only he does he train in the laws of toon physics, he also does odd jobs around Cartoon Land.

In Toons These DaysEdit

Conroy himself was mentioned in episode 2: My Little Pony review,but he did not appear in the series until episode 12: The Ultimate Spiderman review. Since episode 19 he has had his own part in Toon These Days saying the positive part about the show.

In the web comicEdit

In the web comic he is being trained by Doggy to learn how to be a cartoon character. he also has jobs in Cartoon land such as delivering pizza.

Video AppearancesEdit

Conroy Cat ShortsEdit

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Toons These DaysEdit

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