Adventure Time Review is the third episode of Toons These Days.


While on vacation at a ski resort, Doggy talks about his experience of watching Adventure Time.

He claims that the show is annoying due to the bright colors, bizarre characters, weird animation, strange settings, and weird plots (thinking that the writers were playing Mad Libs).


[The "Dtoons Productions Presents" logo appears.]

[The opening credits are shown.]

[Dudley is shown riding ski lift at a ski resort.]

Doggy: Well, alright. For the record, this was my initial reaction to this so-called "masterpiece of modern day animation."

[Cuts to Doggy's house, where he is sitting in his armchair, watching Adventure Time.]

Doggy: What in the holy name of Winsor McCay am I watching?!? What's going on? Uh, I don't even... AHHHH WHY'D THAT PIKACHU JUST GET SO BIG?!?!?

[Cuts back to the ski resort where Doggy is now about to snowboard down a hill.]

Doggy: Well, it's taken me some thought and effort, but I have managed to gather what little information I could about this... show. Our main characters are this, uh, Gumby-like thing named Finn, and his, uh, magical, talking Pikachu, Jake. [Gumby is shown dressed like Finn, while Jake looks a lot similar to Pikachu.]

[Cuts back to Doggy, who is now snowboarding down the hill.]

Gumby and Pikachu live in this post-apocolyptic world, where they pass the time by beating the livin' tobacco juice out of people for the sake of adventure. The land is pretty much divided up into rejected Super Mario Brothers levels. You got, uh, the Fire Kingdom, the Ice Kingdom, the Candy Kingdom. [as Doggy says the names, Gumby-Finn and Pikachu-Jake are shown in those said worlds in the style of Super Mario Brothers games]

[Doggy is now shown walking back to the resort, carrying his snowboard.]

Gumby and Pikachu's love interests happen to be the princess of Candy Land, uh, Princess Bubblegum [Princess Bubblegum is shown holding the board game, "Candy Land," while saying, " It's like an Ouija board for my people."], and her giant, flying, rainbow unicorn that speaks Korean. [Lady Rainicorn is shown sitting at an animator's desk drawing the snail]

[Doggy is now shown sitting in a hot tub.]

Pppph! Oh, for crying out loud, was this series written using Mad Libs books or something? Hey, this show's annoying! The colors are too bright, everyone screams all the time, and all they do is flap their arms around like maniacs! [Doggy waves his arms as he says that] I'm not even gonna touch on the villains cause they're such a bunch of sorry sad sacks; they don't deserve to be mentioned. [the Ice King is shown eyeing a magazine that says, "Princess Quarterly"]

[Doggy is finally shown inside resort cabin, reading a book in an armchair, with a blanket.]

Ah, well that's enough for me. I'm out. You kids can rot your brains with this drivel.

[The words, "THE END," and, "A Dtoons Productions," appear.]

Doggy: (offscreen) D'ah, what an annoying show!